3 Reasons why you should Never Drink Beers from the Bottle.

There is no denying the satisfaction in popping the cap off a beer at the end of a long day and sipping straight from the bottle. But. Pouring the ice cold cold beer into a pint glass has its own rewards. The simple reason of why you should ditch the bottle in favor of a glass and not just any glass- the right glass is as said below:
  • De-gassing your Beer

Beer was never meant to be consumed directly from a bottle or can. On an Average a naturally fermented beer contains about 2.5 volumes of carbon dioxide. So if you drink it right out of the can or bottle, you’re actually putting a bottle of water and 1/2 bottles of gas in your stomach. And that will leave you feeling bloated. The gas that gives beer its bubbliness or froth is a natural aspect of fermentation. But it’s really intended that you explode some of that gas out when you pour it. The plain action of pouring the beer out of the bottle gives it the right taste, aroma and greatly reduces the feeling of fullness or bloating.
  • Foamy Top is Good

Drinking beer from a glass can also tell you things about the beer you’re about to consume. It’s color can give you an idea of its maltiness; the thickness and texture of the froth can indicate creaminess and the way it feels in the mouth.
  • The Right Glass

Different styles and characteristics of beer are best emphasized by the right-shaped glass. Ales are often darker than lagers and more robust, ranging from rich gold to reddish amber. Top fermenting, and more hops gives these beers a distinctive fruitfulness, zesty and tart seasoning. Like Red wine you should accentuate an ale with a glass that has a wide open top- like the Goblet/Chalice or Snifter. Like white wine, a lager glass should be taller and narrower in shape to show off the color, effervescence & clarity of the style. The taller, narrow shape ensures a solid head to protect against contact with oxygen. And it helps lock the carbonation so you can watch the bubbles float up the beautiful tall glass. They say you eat and drink with your Eyes!! Beer makers put a lot of work into that beer you’re holding. Pour it into a glass and appreciate it for all its glory. Cheers!