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  • Professional Experience

    More than 10 Years.

  • Performance Duration

    Till v hours....

  • Equipments

    Ðj vivid Tech Rider 1 Pair CDJ 2000 nexus2 1 DjM 900 Mixer 1stage Monitors (BOOTH FROM ÐJ MIXEr).

  • Price Range

    Rs. 10000 to Rs. 50000

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Dj Vivid is one of the fastest emerging talent from india who is getting to be known as someone who likes experimenting with his music and techniques. As a kid, Vivid has been exposed to different musical forms which made him curious to learn various instruments and about music in general. Things which scares many to leave them as they are, But Vivid sees them as opportunities to create something new and wonderful. Mumbai has been the home for this talented artist, providing him an advantage to indulge in multiple genres and keep exploring. Now lam is looking for more collaborations and come up with something new which would an experience for all music lovers. Vivid has played at many ravishing clubs of the country and has been a part of some renowned international tours.

Personal Info
  • Real Name

    Vivek Vaishnaw

  • Date of Birth


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