Last Hippie Standing (Unreleased Footage) – A Full Documentary on Goa Trance & Hippie Culture.

“Goa is not a Place – Goa is a state of Mind! A rare & beautiful Documentary by the German filmmaker Marcus Robbin about old hippie times in Goa and what it has become now. The film compares the 60s and 70s hippie era with the situation in 2000 and works without commentary and consists of documentation of the ongoing party culture in Goa, as well as private and previously unreleased Super 8 footage from the sixties and seventies in Goa, filmed by Cleo Odzer. This material is the only existing contemporary film document of the hippie days in Goa.

Furthermore, interviews with hippie veterans like Goa Gil, Francisco Sardinha, describe the clashes that occur between the party culture and Indian conservatism.

The last part of the documentary is shot at the Berlin Love Parade, where the protagonists reflect about their own spiritual development and the changes that have happened since the hippie movement had started.

From the beaches of Arambol to Anjuna, Hippie revellers and ravers are hard to miss with all the color, energy and vibes they radiate. Last Hippy Standing is a must see for everyone who is interested to know more about the Hippie Culture and how the whole trance dance megalomania began and why it is more than just a party… much more than mere disco in the jungle! It is a spiritual initiation when the self dissolves in oneness with the cosmic spirit…!!!  Do watch it and do not forget to comment below with your thoughts.

[Goa Trance Documentary] ‘Last Hippie Standing… by KnewTube


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