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Hardstyle & mechanical Interior Design is the New-Age Choice. It is a blend of heavy Victorian furniture with the modernism infused by the Industrial revolution in the field of Interior Design. RajHardstyle commenced designing steampunk interiors in 2011, the brain child of Raj Sharma. RajHardstyle has grown into a full fledge interior designing firm with unique style and great experience of successfully completing more than 250 number of projects in cities like Jaipur, Patna, Goa, Mumbai, New Delhi and many more.

RajHardstyle is consistently recognised for designing outstanding interiors, products, sculpturs and highly successful spaces from hotels, restaurants and bars to retail outlets, residence and offices.

Key Features of Hardstyle Designs

Why Hardstyle?

Modern & Unique

It is new, it is revolutionary, it is daring and it is beginning to make its mark felt in architectural terminology. It is the seamless fusion of machinery with sophistication. Steampunk type interior, Steampunk furniture, Steampunk wall art or even a single piece of Steampunk installation lend an altogether different aura to an average home. It is functional, versatile fusion of few well known styles and at the same time absolutely unique.

Eco Materials

The Steam Punk design elements incorporate abundant use of scrape heavy metal and mechanical units since the essence it is to celebrate 19th century foray into technology. Vintage items are reproduced using industrial finishing to add eclecticism to otherwise heavy Victorian style. This is the best blend of old meets the new, where heavy Victorian timepieces are rendered in metal and steel as tribute to the dominance of technology.

Highly Versatile

Steampunk designs are not all about steel, iron and heavy duty machinery that dominates the space. To render an organic balance, ample use is made of exposed brick walls, roughly finished wood in all its rustic patina, stencil wallpaper, hand made wall paintings, wall art made of cogs, clocks or copper pipes all lend a touch of machinery and antiquity which takes one back to history while being rooted in present.

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